300 Bar Pcp Hand Pump

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310 Bar Pcp hand pump


310 bar PCP PUMP PCP Hand pump . 3 Grades of compression , air filtration , folded pendulum feet.

Height: 650mm
Weight: 1.90kg
Intake Capacity: 235cc
Cylinder Material: Stainless steel
Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air guns are usually filled by decanting from an air reservoir, such as a diving cylinder or by charging with a hand pump. Because of the need for cylinders or charging systems, PCP guns have higher initial costs but much lower operating costs when compared to CO2 or regular pump guns. PCP guns have very low recoil and can fire as many as 100 shots per charge. The ready supply of air has allowed the development of semi and fully automatic air guns. Early hand pump designs encountered problems of fatigue (human and mechanical), temperature warping, and condensation—none of which are beneficial to accurate shooting or air gun longevity. Modern hand pumps have built-in air filtration systems and have overcome many of these problems.


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