JSB Diabolo Hades Modified Hollow Point Pellet (5.5mm .22 Cal 500 tin)

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JSB Diabolo Hades 5.5mm .22 Cal 500 pellet tin

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Popular addition to the mid-weight hunting pellet line-up, designed with expansion, accuracy and devastation down range! Unique, speciality hunting hollow point head with considerable shock impact expansion with a ‘frangible devastating ballistic cavity’. The head design is based on the shape of JSB Exact King Heavy, producing more expansion than a typical hollow point pellet, inflicting as much damage as possible while hunting, with no worries about pass-through. Excellent accuracy and consistency not only for hunting purposes and fit majority of the . 22 magazines on the market.

Calibre: .22/5.5 mm
Weight: 15.89 gr
Diameter: 5.52 mm
Shape: Modified Hollow Point – ‘Frangible’
Quantity: 500


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