JSB Predator Polymag Short 5.52mm .22 Cal

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JSB Predator Polymag Shorts 5.52mm .22 Cal

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A premium quality hunting pellet, available in a shorter version to fit the magazine of a multi-shot hunting Pcp air rifle. Still retaining the original polymag design with it’s hollow head with a sharp polymer tip for unsurpassed performance on small game.The Short Predator Polymag with a polymer tip, was designed specifically to be the most effective and efficient multi-shot air rifle hunting ammunition available, boasting match grade accuracy with incomparable penetration and expansion.This unique Predator Polymag pellet is manufactured in co-operation with JSB’s US partner, who owns the patent for the pellets. The pellet consists of two parts: short hollow point lead pellets with inserted polymer tip. High precision manufacturing of all the parts and perfect assembly assure the shooter that he will never miss the target.

Calibre: .22/5.5 mm
Weight: 15.89 gr
Shape: Short Hollow Point Lead Pellets w/Sharp Polymer Tip
Quantity: 200


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