VFG Cleaning Pellets 4.5mm .177 Cal

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VFG Cleaning Pellet 4.5mm .177 Cal

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You can keep all rifled and smooth barrels in perfect condition with the VFG quick cleaning pellets. How VFG quick cleaning pellets work: When the weapon is fired, an over pressure occurs that causes the pellet to shrink in length but expand sideways. As a result, it is pressed against the sides of the barrel (and also into the rifling grooves), wiping it and polishing it thoroughly.For Air Rifles and Air Pistols:
It’s simple and quick. You just shoot the pellets. Make sure the pellets are stopped safely into the stop butt or pellet catcher.

Normal cleaning:
After each use of your air rifle or air pistol, shoot two VFG quick cleaning pellets, and the barrel is clean.

Thorough cleaning:
At certain intervals, every gun barrel (firearms) needs to be thoroughly cleaned using a good-quality gun oil (e.g. Ballistol). With VFG quick cleaning pellets, this is easy: Simply soak two pellets in oil and fire them off in turn.
The bore is now coated with a uniform film of oil that will loosen any dirt and metal residues. Then degrease the barrel again by firing dry pellets until they emerge white and without any dirt.
Calibre: .177/4.5 mm
Content approx. 100 pcs.


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