Artemis CP2 Co2 Black Pistol/Rifle 4.5mm Set

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Artemis CP2 Co2 Black Pistol/Rifle 4.5mm Set

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The CP2 pistol/rifle set from Artemis is available in 2 calibres, a 5.5mm .22 Cal or the 4.5mm 1.77 Cal pellet gun. They are also available in straight black polymer & in Camo .The set comes assembles as a pistol & has in the box the full rifle barrel, removable polymer rifle stock, moderator, 2 multi shot magazines & a set of spare O-ring’s & Allen key’s, at the rear is a rubber butt pad for added comfort. The CP2 has a short throw bolt action which is easy to use with a light pull weight. The supplied magazine is a 7 shot in 5.5mm & a 9 shot in 4.5mm, they are easy to load & simple to fit & remove. With a new 12 gram Co2 gas canister fitted the rifle is capable of more than 40 full power shots. The CP2 is an accurate, light & easy to use pistol/rifle out of the box. Supplied with the set is the single shot tray, moderator, set of spare O-ring’s & either the 7 shot or 9 shot magazine, pistol & rifle barrel


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